Travelin’ Man, the New School Intercontinental IPA

By December 15, 2017Blog

Some of you may have noticed that the Travelin’ Man has taken a brief hiatus in the market. Originally, Travelin’ Man mainly inhabited the Wallonian Region. He was a Belgian IPA that was unique, but sometimes as medieval as the ancient times it was inspired by. In addition, we learned bottle conditioning an IPA is not near as rewarding as it is with a good Quad or Tripel.


Flash forward to today, Travelin’ Man has done a complete 180. We’ve revamped the malt, the hops, the yeast and even the water. This overhauled version is what we’re calling a “new school intercontinental IPA.” Classic enough to satisfy the hop heads on the West Coast and juicy enough to appease any member of the haze craze in the Northeast. All the while still retaining our own Texas sovereignty.


Embracing the Travelin’ Man name we’ve now included malt and hops gathered from around the world. The beer will also evolve on a regular basis as he travels around the globe in his hop sourcing. Further branching out from our traditional roots, we’ve expanded our palate to now include our first non-Belgian yeast.


This beer is a soft, juicy, flavor bomb of an IPA with an amalgamation of tastes and aromas spanning the hop rainbow. It’s a fresh beer that should be consumed quickly, but can continue to evolve in the package for months due to massive dry hopping and biotransformations.


Leading the charge on this revamp is our new brewer, Cory Hebert, who came to us from another production brewery in Texas. His knowledge and expertise helped us craft this beer into the delightful beverage that it is.


Come by for our release on Friday, January 5 at 4 pm to try our new beer and high five Scott, Cory, Mark & Steve.


Stay tuned. This is the first of many new ideas we have to come in 2018.


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