Thanksgiving Beer Pairings

By October 7, 2015Blog


The holidays are a special time to come together with family and friends. When you love beer as much as we do, incorporating beer into those celebrations is a given. To help you make your Thanksgiving Dinner extra special, here are our recommended beer and food pairings!

Cranberry Sauce w/ Naked Nun
The citrus and coriander notes in Naked Nun compliment the tartness of the cranberries and balance with the sweeter notes of the cranberry sauce.

Stuffing w/ Travelin’ Man
This floral, citrusy Belgian IPA in more balanced than traditional hop-bomb IPAs allowing it to handle pairing with both sweet and savory stuffings.

Pecan Pie w/ Flyin’ Monks
Aged on rum soaked oak cubes, this ale present a rich complexity of sweet oak and warming rum notes which balance well with the spices in the pie.

Turkey and Scratchin’ Hippo
The notes of caramel and roasted malt will bring out the flavors of both white and dark meat as well as add a hint of sweetness to savory gravy.

The Whole Meal w/ Sundowner
This Bier Brute we only release around the holidays is designed to go with everything in your holiday feast! The fruity notes, effervescent body and bone dry finish make is perfect to flow throughout the courses. This would also make a fantastic after meal sipper!

The Whole Meal w/ Philosophizer
The higher alcohol percentage of this spiced, dry saison will cut through fats and starches to present an edge of sweetness and diverse complex flavors that pair perfectly with the whole meal.


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