Getting to Know Taylor, Adelbert’s Head Brewer

By May 18, 2015Blog

Taylor through the Lauter Glass

Taylor, the head brewer here at Adelbert’s, is someone worth knowing. He’s an excellent brewer, and an excellent human, with a diverse set of skills and experiences. He has a way of making life enjoyable for the people around him—aside from, of course, providing great beer for them to drink. His beer journey started early, at the age of thirteen, when he and his Belgian friend would steal beers from his friend’s father. He began home brewing in college, where he studied finance. For a while after school he worked in day-trading, and eventually settled into a job at Apple. It was during this time that he really delved into brewing and honed in on some skills. He began to volunteer at Adelbert’s in 2011, and worked his way into his current role.

The projects he works on for Oddwood ales are mostly barrel-related, and unconventional even for barrel-work. His beers are barrel fermented, not simply barrel aged.

He is soon to be married, and is really excited about the new chapter in his life. Brewing is very strenuous work, and can easily swallow a man, which is one reason he finds his relationship with his fiancé to be so important in his life; it brings forth balance. Like any artist, he finds inspiration for his work in all the other areas of his life. For Taylor, the main ones are travel and relationship.

Some advice for homebrewers and anyone who is considering the industry: Dry hop under pressure, spend as much on your cold side as you do on your hot side, and find a brewery that makes the beer you like to drink, and that is full of the people you enjoy. Brewing is really hard work, so don’t bother doing it somewhere you don’t want to be.


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