A Guide to Beer & Parties

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A Guide to Beer and Parties

A Guide to Beer and Parties

This blog was inspired by a recent email we received from a lady named Michelle. She is planning a surprise 30th birthday party for her husband who is a big Flyin’ Monks fan. She wanted to know how many beers we suggested for a group of 20-30 and recommendations of styles to serve at the party. This seemed like a common issue others might run into when planning an event. Below are my recommendations for planning beer for your event!

How Much To Buy:
Each of our 750 ml bottle has 25.4 ounces in it and will serve approximately 2-3 people depending how large you pour. Personally, my husband and I can share a bomber between the two of us. Then again, we are big beer drinkers! When deciding how much to buy, work backwards from how many ounces you plan to server per person and calculate from there.
Questions to ask yourself:
– What type of glasses will you be using? A 20 oz pint glass will equal a larger pour per per compared to a 12 oz tulip.
– Will you be serving wine and/or hard liquor? If so, assume 20-30% won’t have beer.

What Beers to Serve:
In regards of styles to serve, I would have one lighter option (Naked Nun or Philosophizer), a hoppy one if you have IPA drinking friends (Travelin’ Man – formerly The Traveler) and a medium dark (Scratchin’ Hippo, Dancin’ Monks or Black Rhino). If you prefer a smaller selection, I’d lean towards Naked Nun and Scratchin’ Hippo due to their approachability if you aren’t sure how “beer nerdy” your friends are.

Make it Special:
If you’re having a party for a guy who loves a specific beer (Flyin’ Monks in this case), consider buying some bottles of that one for a group toast together!

Want to make it extra special for the birthday boy? Get a bottle signed! We’ve had people come by with bottles to have them signed by our brewers to give as special gifts. Please reach out before coming to schedule a time.

Where to Purchase:
Several retailers that carry our beer offer case price discounts and special ordering. Coordinate with them to get the best price!

Do you have a question you’d like to know about our beer, pairings, parties, etc? Send your questions to!

– Sarah

Adelbert’s Brewery to Change Name of Belgian IPA

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Austin, Texas (October 20, 2015)– Adelbert’s Brewery will be changing the name of its Belgian IPA, The Traveler, to The Travelin’ Man.

The brewery received notice from The Traveler Beer Company, a project by Alchemy & Science, and is renaming to avoid confusion in a highly competitive beer scene in the U.S. Alan Newman, co-founder of Alchemy & Science, said he wants to protect his brand.

“We own and are actively promoting the Traveler brand nationwide with a family of trademarks under the Traveler name,” said Newman. “We only want to protect these trademarks to prevent consumers from being confused by the two brands.”

Scott Hovey, founder of Adelbert’s Brewery, agreed to terms amicably. “Newly renamed The Travelin’ Man has a solid customer base and we want to avoid confusion as much as we can, especially as our brand expands into new markets,” Hovey said. In agreement with Alchemy & Science, Adelbert’s Brewery will sell through the final inventory of The Traveler before re-labeling the deep golden ale to The Travelin’ Man.

For more information about the full Adelbert’s Brewery line, visit

About Adelbert’s Brewery:

Based in Austin, Texas, Adelbert’s Brewery is committed to brewing Belgian-style, bottle-conditioned ales for people to seek, savor, and share with others. Adelbert’s uses Bohemian old-world floor malted barley, low alpha Noble Czech hops, fresh yeast propagated at the brewery, and a multi-temperature decoction mash technique. The brewery believes quality beers require quality ingredients and a painstaking attention to detail throughout the brewing process.

Thanksgiving Beer Pairings

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The holidays are a special time to come together with family and friends. When you love beer as much as we do, incorporating beer into those celebrations is a given. To help you make your Thanksgiving Dinner extra special, here are our recommended beer and food pairings!

Cranberry Sauce w/ Naked Nun
The citrus and coriander notes in Naked Nun compliment the tartness of the cranberries and balance with the sweeter notes of the cranberry sauce.

Stuffing w/ Travelin’ Man
This floral, citrusy Belgian IPA in more balanced than traditional hop-bomb IPAs allowing it to handle pairing with both sweet and savory stuffings.

Pecan Pie w/ Flyin’ Monks
Aged on rum soaked oak cubes, this ale present a rich complexity of sweet oak and warming rum notes which balance well with the spices in the pie.

Turkey and Scratchin’ Hippo
The notes of caramel and roasted malt will bring out the flavors of both white and dark meat as well as add a hint of sweetness to savory gravy.

The Whole Meal w/ Sundowner
This Bier Brute we only release around the holidays is designed to go with everything in your holiday feast! The fruity notes, effervescent body and bone dry finish make is perfect to flow throughout the courses. This would also make a fantastic after meal sipper!

The Whole Meal w/ Philosophizer
The higher alcohol percentage of this spiced, dry saison will cut through fats and starches to present an edge of sweetness and diverse complex flavors that pair perfectly with the whole meal.

CLOSED – Job Opening: Tasting Room Manager

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Tasting room managers ensure that the tasting room operates efficiently and profitably while maintaining their reputation and ethos. Manager is responsible for the business performance of the tasting room, as well as maintaining high standards of food and beverage, service, and health and safety.

Essential Functions
Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
• Scheduling bartenders, door staff, bands and food trucks
• Effectively manage staff (scheduling, changes, training, disciplinary, addressing concerns, etc.)
• Ability to change kegs and perform basic maintenance on tap wall
• Perform opening and closing duties and maintain tasting room area and cleanliness
• Assume responsibility for inventory control for tasting room, ensuring no “stock outs” occur
• Oversee inventory needs of the bar (towels, glasses, cleaners, toilet paper, etc) and coordinate reorders/purchases.
• Ensure the premises is a safe environment for all patrons and staff, and complies with TABC and safety requirements at all times
• Understands beer styles and proper beer serving
• Operate POS system
• Develop and manage a schedule of upcoming events (i.e. special tappings, bands, glass nights, etc) and communicate with marketing
• Coordinate special events and private parties
• Give tours or coordinate with senior staff to provide tours
• Provide reports of growth, slow down, opportunities and incidents in the tasting room to General Manager
• Oversee budget of staffing and expenses regarding the tasting room
• Complete other general duties as the manager may require from time to time.

• Attention to Detail: Punctual and reliable; follows established guidelines and procedures to ensure accuracy; willingness to take direction and complete tasks fully and on time; concentrates on routine work details and organizes and maintains a system of records.
• Initiative: Ability to develop and follow through with ideas, plans, and promotions; takes action proactively; addresses issues or opportunities without supervision; focuses on desired results and accomplishments; demonstrates clear purpose, enthusiasm, and a “can-do” attitude.
• Relationship Management: Initiates and develops relationships with others; demonstrates credibility; calm under pressure; confronts conflict quickly and professionally; ability to maintain poise in a fast paced environment and problem solve; inspires confidence in others.
• Teamwork: Strong interpersonal skills; works cooperatively with others to accomplish business goals and objectives; asks others for their ideas and opinions; supports team’s decisions; contributes to the team’s efforts.
• Technical: Possess basic math skills and ability to handle money; basic understanding of social media and effective utilization of each; integrate social media campaigns into marketing initiatives.

Required Education and Experience
• High school diploma or equivalent; or two to three years of related experience and/or three years of customer service experience; or equivalent combination of education and experience.
• TABC and City of Austin Food Handler certified (or must be completed prior to employment).

Preferred Education and Experience
• Strong knowledge of the craft brewing industry
• Some knowledge of the company and product offerings
• Previous beverage industry experience

Please submit resumes to Sarah at


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