THE ALE: This complex, straw-colored ale has clove and pear aromas. A marriage of spicy and fruity flavors help perfectly balance its
elegant malt profile.

THE STORY: Del was one of those mischievous young men who liked to push the social conventions of the 1970’s. His college years were a whirlwind of girls, parties, road trips, and an occasional study session. He was a “bad boy” with a great heart, and knew how to have a good time wherever he was, making friends far and wide.

FOOD PAIRINGS: Steak, roast, earthy cheeses, and cheese cake

TASTING NOTES: Spicy, Fruity, Clove and Pear

AWARDS: Three time Gold Medal Winner!

SERVING: Belgian Tulip

AVAILABLE SIZES: 750ml Bottle, 1/6 bbl keg and 1/2 bbl keg

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