THE ALE: Scratchin’ Hippo pours deep amber releasing a bready aroma with hints of dark fruit. Rich roasted malt with hints of caramel balance elegantly with the clean citrus bitterness and earth tones from the hops.

THE STORY: Named to commemorate a night in Kenya, when his house was shaking so strongly Del thought it was an earthquake. He shot out of bed and ran outside to see what was happening. It turned out to be a massive hippo from nearby Lake Naivasha, scratching itself against the house. Don’t worry – this ale is much more subtle.

FOOD PAIRINGS: BBQ, burgers, tangy cheeses and banana bread pudding

TASTING NOTES:  Classic, Malty, Balanced

SERVING: Belgian Tulip

AVAILABLE SIZES: 6-pack cans and 1/2 bbl keg

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