Adelbert’s Brewery to Change Name of Belgian IPA

By October 21, 2015Blog

Austin, Texas (October 20, 2015)– Adelbert’s Brewery will be changing the name of its Belgian IPA, The Traveler, to The Travelin’ Man.

The brewery received notice from The Traveler Beer Company, a project by Alchemy & Science, and is renaming to avoid confusion in a highly competitive beer scene in the U.S. Alan Newman, co-founder of Alchemy & Science, said he wants to protect his brand.

“We own and are actively promoting the Traveler brand nationwide with a family of trademarks under the Traveler name,” said Newman. “We only want to protect these trademarks to prevent consumers from being confused by the two brands.”

Scott Hovey, founder of Adelbert’s Brewery, agreed to terms amicably. “Newly renamed The Travelin’ Man has a solid customer base and we want to avoid confusion as much as we can, especially as our brand expands into new markets,” Hovey said. In agreement with Alchemy & Science, Adelbert’s Brewery will sell through the final inventory of The Traveler before re-labeling the deep golden ale to The Travelin’ Man.

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About Adelbert’s Brewery:

Based in Austin, Texas, Adelbert’s Brewery is committed to brewing Belgian-style, bottle-conditioned ales for people to seek, savor, and share with others. Adelbert’s uses Bohemian old-world floor malted barley, low alpha Noble Czech hops, fresh yeast propagated at the brewery, and a multi-temperature decoction mash technique. The brewery believes quality beers require quality ingredients and a painstaking attention to detail throughout the brewing process.


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