A Guide to Beer & Parties

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A Guide to Beer and Parties

A Guide to Beer and Parties

This blog was inspired by a recent email we received from a lady named Michelle. She is planning a surprise 30th birthday party for her husband who is a big Flyin’ Monks fan. She wanted to know how many beers we suggested for a group of 20-30 and recommendations of styles to serve at the party. This seemed like a common issue others might run into when planning an event. Below are my recommendations for planning beer for your event!

How Much To Buy:
Each of our 750 ml bottle has 25.4 ounces in it and will serve approximately 2-3 people depending how large you pour. Personally, my husband and I can share a bomber between the two of us. Then again, we are big beer drinkers! When deciding how much to buy, work backwards from how many ounces you plan to server per person and calculate from there.
Questions to ask yourself:
– What type of glasses will you be using? A 20 oz pint glass will equal a larger pour per per compared to a 12 oz tulip.
– Will you be serving wine and/or hard liquor? If so, assume 20-30% won’t have beer.

What Beers to Serve:
In regards of styles to serve, I would have one lighter option (Naked Nun or Philosophizer), a hoppy one if you have IPA drinking friends (Travelin’ Man – formerly The Traveler) and a medium dark (Scratchin’ Hippo, Dancin’ Monks or Black Rhino). If you prefer a smaller selection, I’d lean towards Naked Nun and Scratchin’ Hippo due to their approachability if you aren’t sure how “beer nerdy” your friends are.

Make it Special:
If you’re having a party for a guy who loves a specific beer (Flyin’ Monks in this case), consider buying some bottles of that one for a group toast together!

Want to make it extra special for the birthday boy? Get a bottle signed! We’ve had people come by with bottles to have them signed by our brewers to give as special gifts. Please reach out before coming to schedule a time.

Where to Purchase:
Several retailers that carry our beer offer case price discounts and special ordering. Coordinate with them to get the best price!

Do you have a question you’d like to know about our beer, pairings, parties, etc? Send your questions to info@adelbertsbeer.com!

– Sarah


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